MasterMiners is a Minecraft Bedrock Edition Server with top quality minigames and gamemodes. To join you need to have Minecraft: Bedrock Edition installed from PlayStore or AppStore, then enter as IP address and 19132 as port to join the server.

MasterMiners Forums


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A place on the internet within a site in which people can discuss topics with other people. A Forum is separted by topic sections and those are divided by sections called "threads" (You are the one who creates the thread, and see how many people respond to you, or view your opinion). Forums are operated by moderators.


Server position on the lists matters the most. To be always in the top place is our goal. To help us reach the goal, vote for our server here. Get Epic Rewards from voting for server and doing /vote. Some of the Rewards:
$50,000, Kits,Custom Enchanted Items,Vote Point,Chance of getting a rank and much more...



Tebex Store
You need to purchase Ranks from our store to get premium Ranks in the server, you get premium features/kits as per your package as mentioned on the store. You can also buy money in server or commands if you don't wanna buy rank. Just select the button below, then select a package, enter your in game Xbox username, and pay with PayPal or card and get your bought stuff within minutes of your next login!


Get in touch with us
Follow our twitter to get latest updates on when we release stuff to our server. You will be notified as soon as we launch something new. Additionally you can also join our discord server group.