Powerful Team Performance Software

Delivering insights, benchmarking and development pathways to

increase team cohesion and organisational performance.

With TeamKITE you can:

- Conduct team surveys

- Analyse team performance

- Receive actionable insights


Your KITE Index™ is generated by the whole team completing an online questionnaire. It contains nine categories with eight questions in each section. It’s simple to complete and all responses are confidential.

Each team completes a confidential online questionnaire which generates a KITEIndex™. To assist in the growth and development of the team an action oriented report is provided along with learning resources targeted at making specific improvements.



Managers who use TeamKITE have a distinct advantage by using a cutting edge platform that enables realtime knowledge on how their team is functioning - irespective of geographical location or timezone.

This knowledge is a powerful tool that saves time and allows managers and leaders to focus on what's realy important to increase team cohesion and, therefore, output. 


Effective leaders maximise performance by being in tune with their teams. The  TeamKITE™ Index provides real time knowledge to make this challenge easier.



TeamKITE™ Insights are instantly generated specifically for your team to provide a deep understanding of how it functions and performs.



The Actions provided within the report pinpoints specific requirements and practical and useful solutions to improve your team.  



TeamKITE™ empowers your managers by providing a deeper connection and engagement with the teams they manage.


Your TeamKITE index™ is a unique score that's individual to your team that measures and indicates the current view of how well it works together. It is colour coded for ease of understanding.


For the first time, every team can benefit from a single, uniform measurement to understand how it functions. The score is generated by using innovative technology to provide a detailed breadown by category and question - allowing deep analsysis of opportunites and risk.



Your TeamKITE Index™ gives any team, area, function or company the basis to be able to compare and contrast how their teams work together against both the company average and also best-in-class teams.


With KITE Index scores, managers are able to seek out best-practice teams and functions and then exploit these high-performance traits to share with other teams acorss their business.


TeamKITE provides this in simple and practical reports, screens and diagnostics to power organisational performance. 



The TeamKITE Index™ provides any manager with a clear understanding of where their team or teams rank among their peers. 


You can quickly see where strengths or weaknesses exist and, via the Insights and Actions, what can be done about it. Organisations also have the ability to benchmark internally or externally, be that within their industry, nationally or internationally. 



The TeamKITE Index™ gives managers the ability to see at a glance where they are performing well and where improvements can be made - all graded and colour-coded to prioritise actions and resources.


For multiple teams, the dashboard provides a powerful suite of functions to allow senior managers to overlay KPI data and KITE scores. This uniquely maps all your teams and categorieses them into one of four quadrants - each with it's own management actions and priorities to maximise performance.

Who is TeamKITE for?
Team Managers

TeamKITE supports mangers who want improve their team's performance. If you're struggling to understand your team, know their strengths or weaknesses or just gauge how they really work together then TeamKITE is for you. It provides a very detailed breakdown across nine core categories to give you confidence through data and bespoke insights and actions to help your team realise its potential.

Team Managers

Any manager or team that wants to engage or improve their team performance. TeamKITE provides a detailed report for you to make immediate improvements. 

Senior Managers

Senior leaders who manage multiple teams have a tough job. If you need clarity of how your teams function and work together then TeamKITE will deliver for you. The dashboards will help guide your decision making by identifying high performing teams and those that struggle.

The powerful data filters will help you extact best-practice traits across any team, function, category or question set. Your scarce learning resources, time or budgets can then be applied to those teams or people where it will have the greatest impact on organisational performance.  

Senior Managers

Senior leaders who need to know 'what good looks like' and how to share these high performance traits across the business to drive organisational performance.

HR / L&D

The questionnaire can be completed by just a single team or the entire company. It’s confidential, easy to use and generates results in seconds. Employees trust the platform as it never highlights an individual as everything is confidential. This means you can be sure the results and comments are genuine and robust.


The KITE™ platform will provide the HR and L&D with an overview of where the teams feel they are at in their development and performance cycle. It will present you with clear pathways to follow that benefit all teams. Patterns will emerge across multiple teams that show where your training and development budgets and time should be used for best effect. Waste can be reduced and ineffectual training replaced with more targeted and useful learning 

HR / L&D

TeamKITE measures the sentiment of your teams via KITE Indexes. These can be compared across time, teams, the business or externally.  

C Suite

TeamKITE reduces waste and ineffciency within team management and drives commercial performance improvements through sophisticated algorythms. 

TeamKITE is a self-serve platform that can manager 1000s of your teams across mutiple functions and geographies. It will deliver benefits to any manager at any level to improve team outputs.

It's a self-serve turn-key platform that can instantly intergrate with your existing processes and systems to deliver immediate results enabling rapid action plans. 

It’s estimated that at least 45% of all learning spend is wasted – the wrong time, level, appropriateness or lack of follow up. TeamKITE™ helps minimise this waste through targeted, valued and measurable learning outcomes. 


C Suite

TeamKITE drives business change that ensures optimal performance is being achieved throughout your organisation. We commicalise sentiment. 

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