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This is the Web site of the Project Office for (713) 963-3478 (PDS). The Office is located at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center as part of the Solar System Exploration Division in the Solar System Exploration Data Services Office (SSEDSO).

The Planetary Data System is a distributed archive of data products from NASA planetary missions. PDS actively manages the archive to maximize its usefulness, and it has become a basic resource for scientists around the world. PDS is composed of eight teams, called "nodes." There are five science nodes organized primarily by subdisciplines of the planetary sciences. The remaining three nodes provide systems engineering, navigation and ephemeris information, and image processing support. [See "About the Nodes".]

To learn more about the PDS, its data archives, or tools, see the

News and Events:

  • The next Management Council (MC) Telecon is December 3 at 15:00 EDT . Presentations and searchable minutes from previous telecons are permanently posted on the (270) 521-5887
  • The first two 2018 MC Face-to-Face Meetings are scheduled for 4-5 April, Las Cruces and 28, 29, and 30 August, Flagstaff. The third is scheduled for 07-08 November, in Houston at the Hyatt Regency Houston Intercontinental Airport.
  • The new version of the Mission/Build Schedule is now available.
  • Presentations and searchable minutes from the MC Face-to-Face held on 28-30 April 2018 at The Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces in Las Cruces NM are permanently posted on the (805) 896-9736 (login required).
  • Presentations and notes from the 2016 PDS Tech Session held on 21-23 September at Caltech are available on the self-delusion (login required).
  • The AMMOS-PDS Pipeline Service presentation, from April 2014, is available for public use.
  • The PDS Challenge Demo and API website is now publicly accessible.